Design & Style

Inspiration is everywhere. We’re collecting our favorite things and assembling a designer diary that will highlight the elements that influence our design and style. Check back for new posts. 


Relax & Rejuvenate

Entering 2020 with a relaxed vibe. Cleaning up spaces and finding inspiration to sooth the start of the new century. Including: neutral colors, cozy textures and organic design that strike just the right balance. 



We love nothing more than a fresh beginning and a clean slate. The beauty of pink, in varying shades, may no longer be the hero palette au  currant, but, it’s still providing inspiration for us.


A soothing balance for the senses upon entry to 2020. We chilled on a recent adventure with a glass of sparkling rosé (Bottega Rose Gold) and got warmed up with tactile coziness in soft wintery hues (Rosemary Hallgarten).


DESIGN: Refined Simplicity

Clean, natural materials and shapes are our heroes. No match-matchy here, just perfectly designed. Wood stools (Jason Home), sculpt seating from nature and blur the line of utility and artisan craft.


A layer of organic novelty is well-appointed with this ceramic lamp (Eny Lee Parker) making custom made by Mother Nature more than just inspiration. 


VIBE: Clean Scene

The environment is refreshed and centered with a smooth, simple tableau that makes home feel like a vacation “away”. We found inspiration in the extension (and elevation) of a natural woven texture in lighting. A wonderful complement in this pristine white space.


Check out one of our favorite woven lamps, the cloud (Roost). A natural wonder of layers, lightness and beauty.